The ARENAS team will conduct an innovative and ambitious research programme that will significantly contribute to filling gaps in contemporary research and make recommendations to policymakers, media outlets, lawyers, social inclusion professionals, and educational institutions. 

The ARENAS project will propose solutions for countering extreme narratives for developing more inclusive and respectful European societies. It also ensures reliable archiving and access to the developed resources even after the project’s lifetime. You can access some of those developed resources here.

Whitebook of Ethics Requirements

Prepared by Julien Longhi (University of Cergy) and Katalin Miklóssy (University of Helsinki), in collaboration with the members and Ethical Board of the ARENAS Horizon project, this Whitebook of Ethics Requirements provides an ethics guideline for the ARENAS project with rules and principles for responsible research. The objective is to promote responsible conduct in research while ensuring that all alleged violations are handled with competence, fairness, and expediency.