ARENAS is funded under Cluster 2 of Horizon Europe, Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society.  

This cluster aims to strengthen European democratic values, including the rule of law and fundamental rights, safeguarding our cultural heritage, and promoting socio-economic transformations that contribute to inclusion and growth.

This programme, which is handled by the European Research Executive Agency (REA), funds research and innovation projects for social, economic, technological and cultural transformations towards healthier democracies, where cultural values are protected.

ARENAS has identified two EU-funded sister projects which are addressing similar topics to our project.

Over the course of our project, we will cooperate with our sister projects, building meaningful synergies for exchanging knowledge and disseminating results to boost the impact of all three projects on research, innovation and society.


SMIDGE is a platform dedicated to exploring the impact of extremist narratives on the middle-aged population. As part of an EU-funded Horizon research project, it is investigating the attraction of extremist content on social media and how it influences this group. SMIDGE will provide evidence-based content, tools and resources to counter extremist narratives from various perspectives, with a focus on middle-aged individuals and their susceptibility to online radicalization.

Through this effort, SMIDGE aims to promote greater understanding and provide effective countermeasures and education. The project’s goal is to provide policy-makers with valuable insights and recommendations through our reports, policy briefs and counter-narrative videos.

To learn more, visit the SMIDGE website.


The OppAttune project aims to enhance social and political dialogue by examining and reducing the negative impact that can emerge from political extremism. OppAttune tracks the evolution of oppositional extreme ideologies and protectionist decision-making, develops an innovative attunement model and tests a series of interventions at the national and transnational levels which limit the spread of extremism. OppAttune revitalises trust in key democratic institutions. Its actions involve an online I-Attune self-test interactive to build democratic capacity across diverse publics.

OppAttune brings together an ambitious multi-disciplinary team of academics and practitioners to examine the evolution of political extremism and its influence on social and political dialogue with the aim to track, attune and limit the spread of oppositional extreme narratives. OppAttune provides micro, meso and macro level evidence-based recommendations and strategies designed to counter the potential of extreme narratives to disrupt democratic growth. It delivers this via a multi-disciplinary consortium of 17 countries across the EU and its periphery.

To learn more, visit the OppAttune website.