ARENAS General Assembly Meets Online in November 2023

Following the initial meeting at CY Cergy Paris University in May, the ARENAS General Assembly met again on November 14th 2023.  This time the meeting was held online.

The General Assembly is one of the governance bodies of every Horizon Europe project, including ARENAS. The General Assembly is comprised 18 members, two representatives from the project leader CY Cergy Paris University, with one representative from each of the other partners in the consortium.  Three members from the Ethical Board and three from the Advisory Board complete the membership.

In the November meeting, Julien Longhi of CY Cergy Paris University and ARENAS Project co-ordinator began with words of welcome for those assembled.  He then delivered a presentation on the work done over the past six months in his role as leader of Work Package 1, which is responsible for Project Management.  The meeting proceeded with each Work Package Leader (WPL) outlining the work that had been carried out in their specific work package over the past six months, highlighting important milestones and deliverables that had already been achieved.  They also addressed any challenges or issues that had been encountered and how they were responded to and resolved. Each Partner representative completed their presentation by outlining the key goals, duties and deliverables they were committed to for the next six months.

Following each work Package presentation other members were invited to ask questions and brief discussions on any issues raised took place in these question-and-answer sessions.

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