University of Genoa

University of Genoa

With 5 Schools, 22 departments and 137 courses, the University of Genoa (UniGe) is one of the best-known generic universities in Italy, with a strong focus on research, innovation and technologic transfer. Since 2014, UniGe took part in 94 Horizon 2020 projects, 26 Horizon Europe projects and 30 other EU-funded research projects. UniGe is constantly working on strengthening the connection between the academic community, stakeholders from the public and private sector, and industry on a regional and national level. 

Meet the Team

Stefano Vicari

Associate professor in French Linguistics, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Genoa

Stefano Vicari is a professor of French Linguistics. In his research, he studies online discourses, with a focus on how authority is constructed in online discursive practices. He is a member of the research group DRAINE “Haine et rupture sociale: discours et performativité”, studying the way hate speech is produced and disseminated, and its impact on social and discursive practices.

He is the coordinator for the UniGe team in the ARENAS project, where he will work mainly in WP4, dealing with how to monitor, counter and mitigate the diffusion of extremist narratives in Europe; and in WP5, on remediation strategies. His published work can be found here.

Isabel Fanlo Cortés

Associate Professor in Legal Sociology, Department of Law, University of Genoa

Isabel Fanlo Cortés, PhD in Human Rights, specialises in gender studies, with a special focus on legal feminist theories and social discrimination. She is involved in WP5 («Mediations and remediations for extremist narratives») for the ARENAS project, and more specifically she is the leader of task 5.2. This task examines the legal dimension of extremist narratives in national and European contexts, taking into account three case studies: Italy, Spain, and Latvia. Special attention is paid to the legal remediation strategies in the face of extremist narratives, through a comparative analysis of the different legal systems. You can read here published work here.

Alessio Sardo

Senior Researcher Law Department, University of Genoa

Alessio Sardo will conduct a comparative law study on “extreme expressions”, with a view to the EU judiciary and HR courts. The aim of the comparative analysis is to identify both common trends and relevant differences in the judicial response to extreme discourses and extremist narratives and to design new models for dealing with these pressing social issues.  His published work can be read here.

Federico Zuolo

Associate professor in Political Philosophy, Department of Classics, Philosophy and History, University of Genoa

Federico Zuolo is a professor of Political philosophy. He specialises in public reason and collective disagreement. He worked on the disagreement about the treatment of animals and other debates in public ethics (in particular about the refusal to comply with mandatory vaccinations). He teaches analysis of political language (MA in Information and communication studies).  You can read his published work here.

Corrado Fumagalli

Assistant professor in Political Philosophy, Department of Classics, Philosophy and History, University of Genoa

Corrado Fumagalli is an Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy. He works on hate speech, counter-speech, and democratic theory.  You can read his published work here.