NGOs invited to support ARENAS in Fostering Democracy and Safe Spaces

The ARENAS (Analysis of and Responses to Extremist Narratives) project, invites Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to unite in its mission to combat political extremism, analyse extremist narratives and tackle online hate speech. A call for lay definitions is being launched among NGOs across Europe. These lay definitions will be compared with the definitions by experts of different disciplines to develop an operational definition.

The participation of NGOs is not only encouraged but is crucial for the success of this noble undertaking. NGOs serve as a direct link to grassroots communities, acting as the eyes, ears and voices of these localities. This close connection empowers NGOs to swiftly identify emerging extremist narratives and help assess their impact. They can help to develop counter-strategies. NGOs bring a wealth of experience in implementing practical solutions to societal challenges. ARENAS seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world impact. The insights of NGOs can be instrumental in translating research findings into actionable policies and initiatives. NGOs have the capacity to advocate for policy changes that support ARENAS’ objectives effectively. To participate NGOs can click on this link to access a survey.

Democracy thrives when it embraces a spectrum of voices. NGOs, drawing from diverse demographic groups, ensure that strategies developed under ARENAS are inclusive, equitable and capable of addressing the concerns of all citizens. Trust forms the bedrock of democracy. NGOs, enjoying the trust of the communities they serve, are a valuable asset in promoting constructive dialogue and reducing extremism.

ARENAS recognises that sustainable change often starts at the grassroots level. NGOs can engage citizens directly, creating initiatives that promote tolerance, diversity, and democratic values within their communities. Awareness is a potent tool. NGOs are adept at organizing awareness campaigns, educating the public about the dangers of extremism and online hate speech, and mobilizing communities to stand against these threats. The ARENAS project transcends academia; it’s a call to action for all who champion democracy’s core principles and advocate for safe, inclusive spaces for everyone.

ARENAS is a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Commission. This cutting-edge initiative aims to create safer digital spaces while nurturing democratic ideals.  Together, we can build a future where democracy thrives and online spaces become safer and more constructive. Join us in transforming this vision into a reality.

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