ARENAS Spotlight: Work Package 6 – Ethics, Norms and Politically Sensitive Science

Dr. Katalin Miklóssy, a distinguished scholar at the University of Helsinki’s Aleksanteri Institute takes the lead of Work Package 6 (WP6), which looks at Ethics, Norms and Politically Sensitive Science. As the Jean Monnet Chair of Political History and Head of Eastern European Studies, her expertise illuminates the intricate relationship between extremism and mainstream political […]

ARENAS Spotlight: Work Package 5 – Mediations and Remedies for Extremist Narratives

This Work Package aims to find Remedies for Extremist Narratives. Beatrice Fracchiolla, a distinguished professor in language sciences at the University of Lorraine, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as leader of WP5 within the ARENAS project. Having pursued her studies at renowned institutions such as Smith College in the USA […]

ARENAS Spotlight: Work Package 4 – The Influence and Spread of Extremist Narratives

Work Package 4 examines the Influence and Spread of Extremist Narrative and is led by Rasma Pipike and consortium partner The Creative Ideas Association.  A graduate of Social Sciences, with a focus on journalism and public relations, Rasma also holds an MBA, where she specialised in innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on managing organisations […]

ARENAS Spotlight: Work Package 3 – Circulation of Extremist Narratives

This Work Package plays a vital role in understanding and responding to controversial extremist narratives in the ARENAS project. Dr. Steven Forti, an associate professor in Contemporary History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), leads WP3 as a dedicated researcher at the Center for Studies on Dictatorships and Democracies (CEDID-UAB). Beginning in Italy, and […]

ARENAS Spotlight: Work Package 2 – Characterisation and Detection of Extremist Narratives

The ARENAS project is dedicated to understanding and addressing extremist narratives, a task that requires thorough characterisation and detection. At the heart of Work Package 2: Characterisation and Detection of Extremist Narratives are two renowned linguistic scholars: Dr. Ana Yara Postigo Fuentes and Prof. Dr. Rolf Kailuweit. Dr .Postigo Fuentes, originally from Málaga, Spain, contributes […]

ARENAS Spotlight: WP 1 Coordination and Project Management

As ARENAS responds to the sensitive issue of extremist narratives, careful planning, and effective project management are fundamental to the project’s operation. Julien Longhi, Full Professor at CY Cergy Paris Université, serves as the coordinator of the ARENAS project. Under his leadership, Work Package 1: Coordination and Project Management tackles the responsibility of guiding the […]