ARENAS Publishes Strategic Internal Documents

In recent weeks ARENAS has published a number of living documents critical to the strategic development of the project.

First, the ARENAS Data Management Plan (DMP) which was created in Work Package 1, led by Julien Longhi of CY Cergy Paris University.  The Data Management Plan is due to identify all data collected, processed and/or generated by the project, analyse their main generators and users, and define how data is handled and stored during and after the project. This will describe the data management life cycle according to the Horizon Europe DMP template. The first version of the data management plan was released at month 6, and annual updates of the document will take place throughout the lifetime of the project. Work package leaders are involved from the very beginning of the project in order to define how to implement the ‘FAIR’ approach defined by the EC (“findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable”). All partners will work towards releasing the data used, collected, processed, and generated in an open platform.

The second document published was the Plan for Communications, Dissemination and Exploitation (PCDE) which was produced by Work Package 7 Leaders Momentum.  It sets out our ambition to craft and implement a robust and sustained planned dissemination campaign through the 48 months of the project.  The key ambition of our PCDE is to communicate and disseminate, not only project results but the learning and process in achieving our results. From the outset, we will strive to maximise the visibility of the project and then seek to motivate our key target groups (our community) to engage on a deeper level with ARENAS – moving to exploitation commitments. Communications activities will be strategically tailored, employ the most effective and high-impact dissemination tools, and be active in transferring knowledge and results in order to engage our community. To do this, on a consistent basis, we will identify and refine the communication routes for innovation and exploitation of the project results to maximise, scale and sustain the post-project impact on a wide range of stakeholders.  This is a living document which will be reviewed, revised and updated throughout the lifetime of the project.

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