ARENAS Partners invite submissions on the topic of gender discrimination.

The work of the ARENAS project is organised in Work Packages, each focused on a specific topic or theme and assigned different tasks to deliver.  Work Package 5 (WP5), led by Béatrice Fracchiolla (University of Lorraine, CNRS), focuses on mediation and remediation, in particular concerning gender discrimination.

The current task of WP5 is to produce a report on Institutional and Social Actors’ existing strategies and remediation recommendations. To do this, they need to create an inventory of social/institutional/organisational/government/ educational actions to counter extremist narratives with a focus on the last 10 years (2012-2022). This inventory is due in April 2024.

It aims to collect and analyse the strategies of social actors through institutional/organisational/ government/educational documents focusing on gender discrimination as defined by the EU. All countries are concerned, but the research team have a predefined focus on France, Italy, Spain, Latvia and Finland.  They invite readers to contact them here to offer submissions.

The aim of gathering this information is to have an overview of the situation in each country regarding the topic. In this regard, they are looking for National strategic plans; commissions that would have been created; ONG/Organization/Association actions; communications (national/ published in the media/booklets/posters distributed in the streets etc.,); educational actions (Rectorate directives, pedagogical plans, workshops, mediation and prevention actions, guidelines) that would have been implemented in the last ten years (2012 -2022).

As part of Work Package 5 (WP5) of the ARENAS project a research notebook, Better Words of a Better World, has been initiated.  The Partners working on WP5 created this notebook to share their thoughts on these subjects, as well as sharing their findings and corpus.  They also hope to interact with the readership on the questions and issues they are considering to help achieve their ultimate objective – to develop innovative educational tools to promote gender equality and gender inclusion in all European societies at all levels. Readers of the research notebook are invited to contact the team here if they are interested in contributing content to the research.

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