Achieving ARENAS Objectives Using Distinct Work Packages.

The overall objective of ARENAS is to characterise, measure and understand the role of extremist narratives in discourses that have an impact on the political and social spheres, but also on the stakeholders themselves. To reach its overall objective, the ARENAS project will pursue and achieve the following five scientific and technical objectives to address processes from identification to remediation:

ARENAS Specific Objectives

By crossing national and European issues and the historical evolution of extremist narratives, three themes have been chosen to allow a precise study of specific cases, which are representative of three major current poles of debate, Science, Nation and Gender.  Our research covers 15 European countries.

ARENAS Main Geographical Areas of Investigation

To achieve the project objectives, given the breadth of research demanded by the topics addressed, the consortium of nine Universities, two SMEs and one NGO, together with three associate partners has organised the project work into seven specific Work Packages. These Work Packages are as follows:

Work Package 1. Coordination and Project Management 

Work Package 2. Characterisation and detection of extremist narratives 

Work Package 3. Circulation of Extremist Narratives 

Work Package 4. Influence and spread of extremist narratives 

Work Package 5. Mediations and remediations for extremist narratives 

Work Package 6. Ethics, Norms and Politically Sensitive Science 

Work Package 7. Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of ARENAS 

In the coming weeks, we will publish a series of articles that focus on each of the seven Work Packages, introduce the Work Package leaders and outline the work and objectives of each Work Package.  Follow us on social media to get updates when each article is published.

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